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Peter Decuypere as inspirational keynote speaker

Rik Torfs, rector at KU Leuven, Louvain University, on Peter Decuypere: ‘We need synthetic spirits: people who, through lateral thinking, are able to use learnings from one sector on their own sector or field.’ (STIMA, 05/12/15)

Peter is a passionate and inspirational speaker, who uses his accumulated expertise and good sense of humour to deliver his various talks. As a philosopher, he knows how to analyse situations with the utmost precision and sometimes makes provocative connections that make people reflect on their own world.

As it’s hard to put into words what a keynote speech is like, you can get a good idea by watching this one which was recorded on 5 December 2015 at the STIMA conference in Ghent. Perhaps you would like to find out more about this nasty disease that a lot of marketeers seem to suffer from… 🙂 (10min15sec)

Peter Decuypere’s keynotes and workshops

You can book Peter Decuypere for following keynotes and workshops. A keynote speech can always be adapted to the specific needs of a company or audience. (Click on keynote for more information)

Something for your Mind, your Body and your Soul - (about the future of events) – 25 min – 1 hour

This is one keynote you cannot miss as it demonstrates synthetically what makes an event truly successful. Peter takes you on a trip from Woodstock to Tomorrowland and even as far as into the gaming world of League of Legends. This talk which also covers the mystical trinity of events is a real eye-opener for marketeers and event managers – or to put it differently: it is a keynote about God events, Jesus events and Holy Spirit events!

We love Events - (about eventmarketing)- Keynote – 1 to 1,5 hours

In this keynote, Peter takes you back to his early beginnings, long before the first edition of I love Techno in 1995, and ends far beyond 2016. He tells a story that consists of three parts: (1) creating and adding value (concept), (2)connecting with the heart (strategy), and (3) delivering this value to the event-goer (event marketing).

You will learn that rather than just needing financial investment, creating value is much more a creative process which starts with a conceptual reflex. Peter shows small and surprising elements from the customer journey of an event-goer, that let you add a lot of value unexpectedly. And it doesn’t stop there: he also shows that by optimizing that customer journey, a lot of money can be made.

In the third part, Peter shows how easy it is to improve the conversation event through a couple of very simple principles.

Easy to understand, with continuous links to the real world, this keynote will change your view on events forever!

Maximum number of participants: unlimited.

Fail with confidence - (about starting as an entrepreneur) - Keynote – 25 min – 1 hour

An inspiring keynote for students and starting entrepreneurs with a few helpful tips to show you how to make the right decisions. ‘Fail with confidence’ is told from Peter’s own experiences, going from failure to success to failure and back to success. Specked with humour, this keynote grabs the attention from the audience from start to end.

We love Artists - (about artistmarketing) (25 min - 1 hour)
This keynote explains in a simple way how to take things on strategically as an artist. It offers 5 easy steps that make sure you don’t lose track when laying out your artistic career path.

This keynote was created for Soundcheck 2015 at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels. Unfortunately, it was cancelled because of raised terrorist threat. Hopefully, there will be a new edition in 2016.

We love Events - (about eventmarketing) - Workshop LARGE - half day or evening (2,5 to 3 hours)

This workshop of around 3 hours, focuses on developing a valuable ‘conversation event’, after going through the event management essentials first. The ‘concept’, ‘strategy’ and ‘event marketing’ stages are thoroughly explored. There is a lot of room for audience’ input and using their specific questions and cases as starting points.


Maximum number of participants: 40. More is possible, but needs to be negotiated.

We love Events – (about eventmarketing) - Workshop EXTRA LARGE - full day (5 to 6 hours)
This full day workshop: 6 hours (2x3hours), focuses on developing the ‘concept’, ‘strategy’ and ‘event marketing’ stages of an event. The ‘budget’ stage can also be elaborated on by using a budget template. There is a lot of room for audience’ input and using their specific questions and cases as starting points.

Maximum number of participants: 40. More is possible, but needs to be negotiated.

“There are God events, Jesus events and Holy Spirit events” (STIMA Keynote, Dec 2015)

Did you know there is a simple way to calculate Rammstein, David Guetta or Lady Gaga’s fee?

Technical specifications/requirements for keynotes and workshops

  • A qualitative and fully functioning data projector (beamer)
  • Speaker using his own computer ON stage is an absolute necessity! In other words, the speaker must have access and full usage of his computer as a main instrument during the presentation. The connection (output) must be a vga-cable (speaker will provide own Macbook adapter), definitely NOT a barco clickshare.
  • A wireless microphone headset if more than 40 attendees.
  • Wifi is a nice extra that gives extra value, especially to the workshops, but isn’t essential.

Peter Decuypere as a consultant

You can hire Peter Decuypere as a consultant to look at an existing or still-to-start-up event with a keen and fresh eye, and help determine the extra value for the event through strategy and concept. Next to this, an entire marketing strategy through a usable activation plan can also be developed.

Did you know there is an event that attracts over 67,000,000 people every single month?

Availibility and prices?

For dates and prices please contact Peter Decuypere on or call +32(0)475 71 09 13
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And something to end with…

Because we feel that people who have attended a keynote speech are better judges than the speaker himself, you can find a review on Peter’s appearance on Amsterdam Dance Event in October 2015 here.

We love Events at Amsterdam Dance Event

Download pictures of Peter Decuypere and We love Events logos right here


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